A Mighty Pen


Written earlier this month, in recognizance of the English Gunpowder Plot of 1605. (And yes, thank you Alan Moore for V for Vendetta, the movie isn’t as terrible as you make it out to be. But no, it doesn’t adhere to your vision.)

I have found that one of the pens that Neil Gaiman uses to write, I now enjoy immensely as well. It’s a German-made Lamy 2000 fountain pen, with the classic black Makrolon body. My version sports a medium nib, which writes a finer line than one would expect from a medium. The pen’s girth, weight and balance are all perfect, and I’ve been able to write many pages without the hand cramp becoming an issue.

All that, and the pen has a unique look, inherited from the German Bauhaus design movement. It’s quite attractive in its industrialness.

I acquired this pen with a bottle of Lamy’s limited edition Dark Lilac ink, and that was the first ink that I loaded into the pen via its piston. The partnership has been so good that I’ve gone through a few pen-fulls of the ink and haven’t yet felt the need for a change. I’m not even a fan of purple, but this shade has just the right feel of formality and rebelliousness to it that’s appealing to my sensibilities.

La plume est plus forte que l’epee!


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