Music Carousel: Second Childhood

This is a continuing activity that Sugar and I are doing for our own amusement. Every so often one of us posts a theme, and we both come up with three or more songs that we feel fit the theme. There are no other rules, and the objective is to have fun and maybe have another song to add to our DiNOPods.

It’s been a while since we did one of these things, ceding space to the 30 Songs project. Sugar’s been busy, so I’ll go ahead and post one. I enjoyed one particular entry of 30 Songs, and that’s the song from childhood. It sent me on a YouTube bender for other songs in the same category for me. Here’s a few of them.

Eleven Twelve – The Electric Company

I’m amazed today at the complexity of this piece. It’s a silly counting song, but the jazz backdrop that they used was anything but child’s play. I’m certain that I watched this repeatedly on The Electric Company, but apparently others saw it on Sesame Street.

Mahna Mahna – The Muppet Show

Another piece from a Jim Henson project for kids, using music that’s anything but. The rhythm backing and the “scatting” are very much adult jazz elements.

Rubber Ducky – Ernie (Sesame Street)

Ok, let’s end this with a legitimate kids’ song. I’d consider this one a classic, Ernie singing about his best friend, a rubber duck.



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