Too Late to Be Early

“6:00AM: the best hour of the day, or too close to your 3:00AM bedtime?”

Six in the morning is good, but five in the morning is far better. That’s when you can start to see the sun rise. The world is just beginning to wake up, but I’ve already been up for an hour or so. You’ve heard it from me many times before, so I’ll stop now.

3:00AM will never be my bedtime as long as I have any control over it.

The picture above was taken at just after 6:00AM. I love morning flights.

This post is a response to the Daily Prompt of June 25, 2015.



17 thoughts on “Too Late to Be Early

        1. Nice. Always wanted to see the Netherlands. Take pictures and post them please! 🙂 You mean you want to add another stop before coming back to the UK? I guess the question would be where have you been!

          1. I’ve been to Amsterdam before, it’s beautiful 🙂 I’ll take photos definitely!
            No no, I’m coming back and then may go elsewhere in the UK or even overseas again, not sure yet.

          2. No preference at all. Short flights, you want safety and price above anything else. It has taken me more to go around London during peak hour than it has to go to Czech Republic!

          3. Having said that, my last flight was actually British Airways. Prices aren’t always best with low-cost airlines, it depends on your deal as well.

            I walk around central London. Have you looked carefully at the size of the city? If you want to go from East to West there is no way you will be having the willingness to walk! I don’t do cabs, no need. Thankfully, I walk to work 😀

          4. Hooray, she’s educated on airline fares. Always pays to check Travelocity or Expedia to see if the big guys’ fares are competitive with the low cost carriers. If it’s within a few £ might as well take BA.

            Nope never really had a sense of London, other than what I read in books and see on the telly. I’m long overdue to visit London though, so maybe sometime this year… I just hate really long flights.

          5. Oi!

            Well, London is big with almost the same population as my entire country. It’s extremely multicultural and it’s easier to cherish different areas of the world. Up until I moved here, I was under one culture and one only, my own. Here, I changed my taste in food, everything has changed. It’s beautiful 🙂

            You haven’t replied to my comment on that post with Volcano on it. I’m still curious to see what you have to say!

          6. I’d read/listed to the story of how you left Portugal and ended up in London on your own.

            I didn’t see that! Heading to that post. Having conversations on comment threads spread over multiple blog posts is so inconvenient…

          7. That’s a different thing. Moving here was tough for many reasons but now that I’m 100% independent, don’t live with family members at all, it’s different.

            That’s what you get for being famous on WordPress haha 😀

            Click on the Unread tab, it’s how I keep finding stuff.

          8. That’s why I’d be interested in the story. Your “origin story” is a girl from a small town outside of Lisbon, in a family where you’re the only one who completed a university degree. It’s not an ordinary leap to go from that to living independently in London. There’s always a story, the “tough” part of the process that you’re alluding to.

            Are you kidding? I think you’re my only audience. 😛

          9. There’s always something we rather leave aside from an anonymous blog 🙂

            I’m sure I am not your only audience!

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