30 Songs – Last Year

Sugar asked me to participate in a Thirty-day Song Challenge. Happy to join in with her and post more music. I’m going to alter my participation parameters a bit and only post after Sugar posts hers.

This is kind of anticlimactic after the fun of the penultimate topic. Regardless, for the coup de grace of this “challenge” we are to present a song from this time (ie, around the middle of ) last year.

Sleeping at Last – In the Embers

I found this song last year. It’s from the 2013 EP of the Sleeping at Last project called Atlas: Light. The song explores the lives of people as brilliant fireworks, lighting up the darkness, then fading out. I thought it was an appropriate final song for this little project of ours.

Like fireworks
We pull apart the dark;
Compete against the stars
With all of our hearts;
Till our temporary brilliance turns to ash.
We pull apart the darkness while we can.

Thanks Sugar!


6 thoughts on “30 Songs – Last Year

  1. Amazing how I liked most of your songs but you hated most of mine 😦 booo to you!

    I quite liked this as well! Dino addition!

        1. Well it’s inevitable. That’s why when we first started talking I mentioned that you might want to go hunting around for a backup dinopod because things with spinning magnetic platters will eventually break…

          1. I dont even know how to back it up because I deleted my library when I got a new laptop 😦

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