30 Songs – Imagine Balloons

Sugar asked me to participate in a Thirty-day Song Challenge. Happy to join in with her and post more music. I’m going to alter my participation parameters a bit and only post after Sugar posts hers.

This is probably my favourite entry of the whole 30 Songs series. We’re asked to present a song from our childhood. This was the first one that popped into mind, and it actually exists on YouTube in its original form. (I immediately downloaded it.) The audio is amazing, but the video is just as essential to the experience. I love the last minute, it takes me back. Way, way back. I think I shed a tear. There is a “remake” of the sequence done in 1998, but it’s not the same as what I saw when I was a kid. It’s even missing the final minute, which takes away a lot of the impact. (For once I enjoyed reading all the YouTube comments!)

Ernie and Bert – Imagination (Sesame Street, 1973, Episode 498)

This was the most magical song from Sesame Street. I can’t explain it more than that. I still know all the words, forty years later. I think I owe a lot of my English language facility to this show. (English is my second language, technically.) The final image of balloons all the colours of the rainbow falling and filling Sesame Street still gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

Here in the middle of imagination
Right in the middle of my head,
I close my eyes and my isn’t home
And my bed isn’t really my bed.

I look inside and discover things
That are sometimes strange and new;
And the most remarkable thoughts I think
Have a way of being true.

Here in the middle of  imagination
Right in the middle  of mind,
I close my eyes and the night isn’t dark
And the things I lose, I find.

Time stands still and the night is clear
And the wind is warm and fair;
And the nicest place is the middle of imagination
When I’m there.

Yup, I was that kid. Disappeared into fantasy worlds a lot. Likely some kind of defense mechanism of an only child. Still doing it as an adult to cope.


5 thoughts on “30 Songs – Imagine Balloons

  1. This is adorable and unexpected all at the same time. Great entry Riccardo. I remember the song but it wasn’t as prominent in my childhood as yours. Still lovely!

    So what’s your first language?

    1. I’m amazed that you’ve heard it before, considering it came out 18 years before you were born.

      My actual first language is English, that’s why I said technically.

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