I wrote about the title of this blog, “Rideo, Ergo Supero” on my “about page“. Just so happens that today’s prompt asks us to explore the blog title, so there you go.

It’s been around seven years since I created this blog and its title, and just over half a year since I started writing in it again. This is the longest that I’ve stuck to more-or-less consistent updates. Blogging has changed a lot since I first put up a Geocities site and started posting things I’d written in HTML. Even the early years of Blogger are now far in the rearview mirror. I’m able to sustain posting these days due to the extension of blogging to multimedia, and the availability of the tools. My phone cam allows me to take pictures to post. YouTube and Spotify allow me to share video and music. Smartphones and tablets allow me, and everyone else who reads blogs, to read, post and comment anytime, anywhere. I used to be ecstatic when I learned how to post to my Blogger account via email using my Blackberry in the early 2000s. Now it’s the way many people do their posting.

All that means is that I continue to survive, and the blog is definitely helping. What’s also helping immensely is the community. Those of you who come through and have a look at the posts, maybe hit the like button or leave a comment, you’re all essential to helping this little venture along. I always thought that I wrote for myself, but it’s never a bad thing to know that some people like the stuff that I do. I enjoy the “comment conversations” that pop up, and will continue this for the foreseeable future.

To those who stop by, thank you.

This post is a response to the Daily Prompt of June 21, 2015.

“Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.”


4 thoughts on “Titles

  1. Well we both know I’ll stick around and continue reading and commenting your stuff. Now liking all of it, that’s a different story 😛 hahaha

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