Through the Desert

I don’t get to visit the deserts of the Middle East that often. I already wilt in 40 degree (Celsius) weather. Temperatures in excess of 50 degrees are incomprehensible to me. It’s a very different way of life out here in the GCC. I avoided experiencing a massive cyclone/sandstorm by a day. This region of the world will always seem to be off-season to me.

“This week, we challenge you to show us what off-season means to you. It could be the shuttered ice-cream stand in the Southern Hemisphere where winter is drawing near. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere it might your snowmobile peeking out from beneath its tarp, or your Christmas decorations arranged neatly in the attic. Feel free to interpret this theme loosely — consider objects at rest and unmoved, places that are stagnant or abandoned.”


3 thoughts on “Through the Desert

  1. Hi-following y posts-fab pix!!-just thot of sunthn!-A trunkfull of woollens on a hot summer day!!-or iced lemonade on a freezing winter day!!-somehow offtune rt?-Wait -wait!!-Rains-kind of heavy Monsoonal rains we experienced in the winters this year!!-totally off season!!-Strange!!-ecological off seasonal disbalance!!

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