30 Songs – In Memoriam

Sugar asked me to participate in a Thirty-day Song Challenge. Happy to join in with her and post more music. I’m going to alter my participation parameters a bit and only post after Sugar posts hers.

Unlike the last category, I can’t claim to have had a funeral yet. Still, there is music that I think appropriate for performance when I kick the bucket. Assuming I have a funeral, which seems rather boring. Let’s say that it would be nice for people to remember me after I’m gone when they hear these pieces of music.

Frank Sinatra – My Way

Another of my personal themes. I’d memorized the lyrics to this song by the time I was ten. Not the most age-appropriate music for a kid, but I was already a fan of Sinatra even back then. Come on, it’s My Way, it needs no introduction.

Yo-Yo Ma – Le Cygne (Camille Saint Saens, composer)

Classical music is rich with various requiems (Mozart), elegies (Faure) and dirges (Chopin). I couldn’t let the topic pass without another appearance of Yo-yo Ma’s breathtaking performance of Saint Saens’s ethereal Le Cygne, The Swan. If there was music that would trigger memories of someone you cared about, this would be it. You don’t even need to be dead, just gone.


5 thoughts on “30 Songs – In Memoriam

  1. This is probably my favourite post from the 30 songs challenge so far. Absolutely love Sinatra – see how random I am with music – and I wasn’t familiar with the second choice but quite liked it!

    1. No one ever needs to apologize for loving Frank. There’s nothing random about music. Each track evokes an emotion, which is different in each person. Sinatra is one of those artists who is able to reach a broad spectrum of people regardless of age, personality or background.

      Le Cygne is a part of Camille Saint Saens’ opus The Carnival of the Animals. I’m most partial to this because (a) it’s a fantastic strong cello lead and (b) the emotion it evokes to me is priceless and timeless.

      Here’s a full reading of Le carnaval des animaux.

  2. Love listening to Frank Sinatra’s powerful voice-has always been on my list of fav-‘My Way’-like that. Heard Le Cygne for the first time-nice choice-almost painful.

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