30 Songs – Anger

Sugar asked me to participate in a Thirty-day Song Challenge. Happy to join in with her and post more music. I’m going to alter my participation parameters a bit and only post after Sugar posts hers.

We’re now tasked to present a song that we like to listen to when angry. I’ve gone through two philosophies on this. It used to be that I’d pick a song that enhances the anger, something big and loud and crashing, usually rock or metal. That faded away as I grew older. As a young man I was prone to wild streaks of anger over stupid things. Age and wisdom mellowed my temper. I went the other way, listening to New Age in the pursuit of calm. These days, I’m tend to pick topical songs that fit the sentiment of my emotions more than letting the music drive the emotion. I do have an unusual song that I put on when I’m hot and bothered about something. It’s best used as a driving song, playing loud while on a stretch of road where I can open the car up and let the anger wash away.

Yanni – The Rain Must Fall

Do not watch the video, because they’re all smiling as they play. Close your eyes, imagine a dark night, you’re behind the wheel of your car, and you’re driving fast down an empty freeway, angry. While you’re driving, rain starts to fall. It comes in large, staccato drops in the beginning, then starts to pour down steadily. Eventually, it becomes a massive downpour. As you get to your destination, it suddenly starts to fade. The precipitation eases back into a light rain. It’s almost dawn, and the first strains of daylight begin to show. You roll into your destination, no evidence of the downpour you just drove through other than the wet car and road, and the anger you started with hopefully diminished by the rain.


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