Google Owns You

It’s too late for all of us. We’re all dumping massive amounts of personal information into servers controlled by massive faceless corporations, with Google leading the way. This allows intelligence agencies and other clandestine organizations to sift through all that data for their own ends. This is irreversible. With every new device now connected to these “clouds” and automatically backing up our lives that unavoidably run through these now-indispensable pieces of technology, we are all out there, somewhere. No matter how careful you are, using multiple email addresses, IPs, VPNs and all sorts of techniques to mask who you are, 99.9% of us will leave  a trail that can be followed back to our homes and our lives.

Sure, you can dissociate from the world. No email, no phone, no social media, no online identity to speak of will prevent you from directly adding to the terabytes of data in the server farms. However, unless you move to an island and cut yourself off from humanity, someone will photograph you and tag you in a picture that is sent to her Facebook page. People you know will talk about you and wonder why you didn’t stake out your corner on the Book of Face. You will be drawn in, and any interaction with the work will create and leave an electronic trail. From birth to death, the papers that used to identify you as a member of the human race are now all bits and bytes that can be copied and transmitted around the world in milliseconds.

Total privacy is now futile.

All we need to understand is that we control the most personal of information and whether or not it becomes data. Put that data online at your own risk.


This post is a response to the Daily Prompt of May 30, 2015.

“How do you manage your online privacy? Are there certain things you won’t post in certain places? Information you’ll never share online? Or do you assume information about you is accessible anyway?”


6 thoughts on “Google Owns You

  1. Couldn’t agree more! There is no such thing as online privacy. I receive monthly Google reports on my account of all data gathered on me and I actually monitor it to the best of my ability, knowing it will never be enough. Yep, I told you I am weird.

    Curious note: “sent to her Facebook page” … her. That ‘her’ felt deliberate hmmmm.

    1. Lol. Paranoid much? 🙂 You probably already know that WordPress shows the email address of commenters to the blog owner. I’m going to assume yours is either fake or created for the purposes of being a spam-shield. (That’s an unusual nickname for a Portuguese woman!)

      1. Not paranoid, I’ve had people trying to hack my ever so boring Facebook, my Gmail and got a fake Twitter account pretending to be me as we speak. I’m the most boring person online so it makes absolutely no sense to me. I like getting the reports in case there are any attempts to my accounts again, I’d get IP addresses and etc.

        The email address is only linked to this blog 🙂

        1. Same thing, I created the email address I use on here just for WP. You’re a popular one, getting your Gmail and Facebook hacked and a fake Twitter account too! 😀

          1. See we’re very similar, so you’re ‘paranoid’ too! muahaha
            I’m not that popular online… I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s someone who knows me.

          2. It’s INTJ behaviour. The Mastermind tendency to want to control as many variables as possible. I think it’s more practical than paranoid (the veneer of anonymity lets me write freely) but I don’t think I’d be concerned if someone found out who I was irl.

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