A Bird’s Eye

I’ve been flying a lot in the past few weeks. While travelling for work gets exhausting, looking down on the world from thousands of metres up in the air never gets old. The mass of humanity living in some places is amazing. You spend a few days on the ground and encounter a miniscule fraction of the lives that inhabit that space of the planet, and then you’re on your way again.

“For this week’s photo challenge, stop and photograph the metaphorical roses (or the literal tulips). Share a shot of something you saw, did, or experienced on the way: a photo not of your destination, but of an interesting thing along the way. Show us something stunning others might have missed, or find some unexpected beauty in a mundane moment. Maybe we can all start looking at the in-betweens a bit differently!”


11 thoughts on “A Bird’s Eye

      1. Will you be writing about your travels? I’ve never left Europe so that sounds beyond exciting!

        It’s good to have you back on WordPress 🙂

        1. It’s been 95% work so I don’t know how exciting writing about all of it would be. It took you resurfacing to pull me back into WordPress, which is a lousy excuse for being lazy and distracted. Yes, that means I missed you. 🙂 I have an upcoming trip to a place I’ve never been before, so I will probably do a post on that. (Also, I’ve not been around Europe that much either, so we have something in common!)

          1. I missed you too. I wasn’t posting but I did check your blog and noticed you weren’t around either! Ok, let’s make a deal, you post more about your travels around that end and I will do the same around Europe, no rules, no dates/expectations. Since we haven’t explored it much, we can at least share some experiences. I still haven’t written about Prague but I will try soon. 🙂

          2. Deal. I tend to chronicle travel more in pictures rather than words, but will write a bit if I find interesting things. 🙂

  1. I kind of like y click-the meandering -curving-snaky road that culminates ad the bridge-and everything that makes the picture-‘the picture’-kind of get what I mean?

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