30 Songs – Radio

Sugar asked me to participate in a Thirty-day Song Challenge. Happy to join in with her and post more music. I’m going to alter my participation parameters a bit and only post after Sugar posts hers. (I’m skipping Sugar’s last category – I don’t do the ones that ask for songs I hate. There’s too much good music out there to dwell on the stuff I don’t like.)

For this entry, we’re asked for a song heard often on the radio. I don’t listen to a lot of radio anymore. If ever, it’s in the car when I’m waiting for a local weather report or something. Here’s a song I’ve heard them play a couple of times.

John Legend feat. Lindsey Sterling – All of Me

Okay, I lied. This song has been airplayed to the ground. You’re probably sick of it. So here’s the version with internet sweetheart Lindsey Sterling adding a violin track to the song. It makes it just a bit better on audio, but Lindsey can make a video bearable just by her infectious, genuine smile. She’s a good kid.


12 thoughts on “30 Songs – Radio

    1. I hit publish on it by mistake. It’s not done – I write a couple of those music posts in advance and publish when you do. Get to your album track post and you’ll see it again. 🙂

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