Rich Writer, Poor Writer

The silence of this space over the past couple of weeks is both a success and a failure. I’m still very time-poor, and between work, social events, reconnection with friends and writing, I haven’t gotten to the blog. But I just said “writing” right? That’s the “rich” part alluded to in the title. Part of the reason I returned to blogging is that I wanted to rediscover the habit of writing, even with all the other things going on in my life.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve started writing stories again. As is my habit, I’ve discarded maybe 80% of the things I wrote, which are mostly fragments of stories. Scenes or vignettes if you will. My conceit is that I want to be a screenwriter, so I’ve developed a nasty habit of thinking in terms of scenes and cuts and coherent series of pictures in my head. It makes a difficult venture even harder, so with the aid of the Scrivener program, which allows me to write unrelated pieces of things and keep them on re-arrangeable virtual cards, I can hope that I get enough of these to eventually come up with a story, if not a screenplay.

Here’s a short piece from one of the cards on my Scrivener board:

The iPod in the car shuffled to a Beyonce track. (It’s her iPod. I’m an Android person.) The GPS indicated that we were maybe an hour away from her family’s vacation house on the lake. Maybe longer. It was getting dark, and I didn’t want to drive too fast since there were no streetlights along the lonely country road. The last vehicle we passed was a semi hauling logs, heading the way we came. She was looking out the window at the vegetation whizzing by.

There really wasn’t much that she could do about it. I had tied her hands behind her with cable ties. Her feet were similarly bound, and I’d gagged her with a ball gag. I thought that was a nice touch. Thanks, Fifty Shades.

I’ve got fourteen of these snippets left after culling those that I felt were derivative, or cheesy or otherwise less than what I’d judged to be acceptable. I’m less concerned about the writing than I am about the idea, the perspective, the point-of-view and the voice. The snippet above is the shortest one I have. The longest is around 800 words.

I put this up on the blog I guess because I don’t talk to anyone about my writing. This is the only medium where I set my thoughts down in this form, kind of like talking to myself. Having someone out these in the internet aether comment once in a while is a happy bonus.

It’s taking a lot of willpower to keep writing when I have the newly-released retro PC game Pillars of Eternity waiting to be played. Everything in its time, all things in their place. Making some game time a reward for achieving my important goals usually works out.


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