Warning: This story contains a graphic sex scene.

House party. Weeknight. Didn’t know anyone there, other than the friend who brought me then promptly took off with a girl fifteen minutes after we arrived. I was thinking about leaving.

Tall. Long, straight black hair. Fair skin, at least around these parts. Around twenty maybe, but it could have been three years more or less. Hard to tell.

We caught each other’s eye, and “just happened” to bump into each other at the bar. She had a great smile, and an even greater sense of humor. We didn’t stick to each other, but kept “bumping into” each other over the next hour.

As far as I could tell she had at least six or seven drinks. When I finally got her alone in the foyer and kissed her, she definitely kissed back. Heck, she was the first one to stick her tongue down my throat.

Sure, she wasn’t walking straight when I pulled her up the stairs to the bedroom. Neither was I. Her arms were around me, clinging to me. I’m pretty sure she had rubbed against my crotch at least twice. There was no protest when I grabbed her ass. We made it to the room and she fell onto the bed as I turned the lamp on and locked the door.

I kicked my shoes off, and slipped hers off as well. It was all good as we were rolling around and making out on the bed. I remember thinking that it was kind of fun, acting like kids. We were both way into it. I helped her out of her shirt and jeans, then took my own shirt and jeans off. Then I took her bra off and started sucking on her nipples.

She groaned, and said “no”. Her hands had grabbed my hair, holding my head in place. I continued to attend to her boobs. Once every few seconds, in between the moans, she’d say “no”. Her big, round eyes looked right at me, with a kind of glassy look probably due to the alcohol.

I slid my hand between her legs, under her panties. Wet. Soaking wet. Her back arched at the slightest touch to her slit, accompanied by deep breathing. I slid my finger inside while my other hand slipped my boxers off. I was hard as a rock.

Off came her panties, and I slid between her legs. I grabbed her boobs as my cock poised to enter her. Her hands gripped my arms as my tip touched her entryway. Her breathing coming in short, shallow breaths, she said “no” three or four times while groaning as I entered her.

She was tight. Very tight. In the dim lamplight, I took it slow, trying not to hurt her. She gripped my arms tight, eyes closed. I’m not sure when she lost consciousness. It didn’t take long for me to orgasm. I wasn’t able to hold out long. Couldn’t have been more than two minutes, even though it felt like an eternity.

I had come inside her. When I pulled out, there was blood. While that may have meant she was a virgin, I would never find out.

I cleaned her up, dressed her and situated her comfortably on the bed. I made sure that she couldn’t choke on vomit or saliva. I left her there, exited the house and got in a cab.

We never even asked for each other’s names. It would have been a classic one-night stand, except for that word.

I will always remember that night, wonder what “no” really meant, and how she viewed what happened.

This post is a response to the Daily Prompt of February 5, 2015.

“Think about the last time you broke a rule (a big one, not just ripping the tags off your pillows). Were you burned, or did things turn out for the best?”

Rule broken: “No” means “no”.


10 thoughts on “No.

      1. I thought it was an interesting story. The male character was constantly justifying himself which clearly displays the ability to differentiate right from wrong and he could definitely understand that what was happening wasn’t right. I am however curious about this specific scene and your ‘no’ prompt. Sensitive topics are always more difficult I believe. Moreover, this is a bit of a different style of writing coming up, very interesting. 🙂

        1. Thanks for that. I usually am less comfortable writing in first person because it requires more emotion than a third-person POV. I tend to feel that the writing becomes cheesy. Glad to hear you found it interesting.

      2. By the way, are we going to continue the music carrousel thing? I’m going to try and get the song challenge finished soon. Need to get back into it later today.

        1. Hey, I’m waiting for you. No pressure. Your turn to name a topic. If work results in a few weeks off, so be it. Same with the music challenge, I’m content to wait for you. It’s no fun doing it alone.

          1. I still haven’t done the one song a day challenge, I cannot think of a song to describe myself…

            As for the other challenge… what about songs that remind you of your childhood?

          2. You can’t think of a song that’s “you”? Kinda doubt that. Don’t think of it as a song that talks about who you are – that’ll never happen. Think of it as your “anthem”, the song that when your closest friends hear, it reminds them of you.

            You can do it! 🙂

            PS: Glad to know you’re still kicking around London!

          3. I still can’t think of anything…
            Thanks, I’m trying to be more active now as the few things keeping me busy have been sorted out (will add a poster later about it) 🙂

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