Create or Consume

When is a situation a Morton’s Fork? It’s a fancier way to say you’re caught between a rock and a hard place, or you need to choose between a frying pan and a fire.

A classic solution to this is to think out of the box. Either do nothing (not usually a palatable option) or do things like bend the fork, break the tines, or find a spoon. However, I’ll answer this query in the way that it was presented.

I’d choose to create, rather than consume. There are a lot of good weblog posts out there. Many major sites have adopted a weblog format, including sites I read regularly like Grantland, Rockpapershotgun and of course Neil’s Journal. That’s all still a fraction of the media that I consume, and the information (but not the writing) is replicated through other channels like Twitter.

I’ve written before about my frustration at being completely out of balance in terms of media consumption as against media creation. I want to create more, and the only way to generate the resources to do that is to cut back on consumption. As it is, I follow very few blogs because I want to be able to read and comment intelligently on the posts. Following 100 blogs and reading none of them helps no one.

I (re)started this blog as a means of survival and recovery. It remains part of that effort in my life, as my inner artist still gets lost, and continues to get drowned out by the dominant part of my psyche. I still want to write for my life, with my life. That’s why I’ve opted to dispense with promotion completely, as I’m certain that what I write (and how I write) will appeal to very few people. I’m doing this for myself. If someone happens upon this material, and feels a kinship, then I welcome the interaction. Otherwise, I’m content to keep posting into the void, knowing that this is a part of the means, and not the end.

Granted, there’s a conceit in this way of thinking. Morton’s Fork is supposed to be about equally bad options to begin with. In my case, one option is clearly better than the other.



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