Janus Rocks Beats

A Daily Prompt right up my alley. I’m thinking of whether or not I should do a commentary for the playlist representing the final week of January 2015. I did a midweek post about the project I was neck-deep in, along with the pick-me up song. I’ve been playing music all week to get me through.

Here we go.

Les Miserables 10th Anniversary Cast – One Day More

Both a song of hope and a song of regret. I should have burned more time on the project du jour in December and early January. I mishandled that badly and was in another project crunch, completely of my own doing. Another day, another destiny.

Matthew Wilder – Break My Stride

Couldn’t afford to let anyone slow me down, if I wanted to finish on time. One of those lost series of days to being unconsciously immersed in a freight train towards project deadline.

Mike and the Mechanics – Silent Running

A song about war, likely in some kind of dystopian science fiction setting. The last few hours of getting the project done felt like the song. A bit spacey (it was 2am when I wrapped it up), a bit echoey, and it was definitely dead quiet except for the clickety-clack of my keyboard as I raced to the end.

Glenn Frey – You Belong the the City

Spent Friday evening just wandering around city streets, with music on shuffle. Was pleasantly surprised when this popped up after not hearing it for a while. The city’s sounds have a rhythm of their own, and being out on the concrete under the streetlights has a visceral feel. I’ll always be a city denizen. I’ll just never dress like Sonny Crockett.

Russ Freeman and the Rippingtons – Black Diamond

The weekend brings much-needed reloading time. The entire Black Diamond album is great. I enjoy the title track, particularly from redbook audio under studio phones, in a dim room with a drink in hand.

Enjoy your weekends.


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