All Possessions Worldly and Dear

The house is on fire!

With everyone and the dog safe, it’s time to grab the important stuff.

Where’s the smartphone? It’s in my pocket. Does that count? I’d have to grab my wallet too (good thing the car keys are attached to the wallet). So that’s two.

I put together that “document bag” for just this reason. All the important papers that aren’t digital are in it, including passports, titles and other things that would be really inconvenient to replace. It’s got flash drives with copies of critical digital files as well. Finally it’s got some emergency cash in it. So that’s definitely going to be in hand.

I yank out all the cables from my desktop PC’s CPU. It’s got all three of my hard drives in it. Heavy but portable. The monitors and other stuff are all replaceable, so they stay behind. I can also leave my laptop, which has its hard drive contents synced to the desktop PC and/or Dropbox. That’s replaceable.

I have one item left. Assuming no one else was able to grab anything, the highest value item left in the house is the jewelry box. It has some family heirlooms in it as well, so that’s going to be the last thing to take.

Things are easier now that things like music and books are easily replaceable with digital copies, and a lot of stuff like pictures and documents have been digitally saved to hard drives and the cloud. It’s so much easier to reconstruct your life when you have copies of most important things accessible from anywhere.


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