A Rush of Caffeine to the Head

Coffee at the speed of light


“Today, we challenge you to show us what “express yourself” means to you. It could be the delightful, gummy grin of a baby grand-nephew, a message of love written with a biplane in the sky, the clenched fist of anger and frustration, or even a lunch with an attitude.”

A photo of harassed baristas, working to get a long line of people their morning pick-me-ups. There were only two of them serving a seemingly endless line of caffeine zombies. When I got in line there were six ahead of me. When I got to the front of the line there were at least five behind me. I asked the poor girl (who was kind of cute) if I could take her picture. I’m not sure if she understood me, but she nodded and continued to punch buttons on her register. In retrospect, that was probably insensitive to their plight, but the expression of concentration on her face and the blurs of her hand and of her partner in the background make for a interesting story.

To the baristas around the world that enable our coffee habit… thanks.


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