Devil’s Advocate: You May Not Get Naked

This is starting to get out of hand. We now have so much nudity on television. All of these television shows that have bare breasts, and even genitalia. In the interests of morality, this all needs to be banned. Stringent censorship laws needs to be enacted globally to prevent young men and women from seeing naked bodies. We all know that seeing nudity drives the youth to premarital sex. It also unquestionably causes all of these sex crimes.

In fact, we need to go further. Today’s swimming attire can no longer be called clothing. Women’s bosoms are bursting out, and their bottoms are not covered at all! Even men now are wearing these swimming trunks that show massive bulges, which are guaranteed to inflame all the women that see it. This is all immoral and cannot be allowed to continue. The manufacture of this attire must be discontinued, and the more practical attire from the 1960s must be reintroduced.

Violence? Oh, that’s fine. Watching men get hacked to death on screen is perfectly acceptable. Body counts entertain an audience! After all, kids play video games where they shoot people and run them over with cars, then get away with it. Surely you can see that a pretty girl’s bare breasts are far worse than a pretty girl’s brains and intestines all over the floor?

I can’t take it any more. This ends here.

This post was written in response to The Daily Prompt for January 11, 2015, first published on March 17, 2013.

Pick a contentious issue about which you care deeply — it could be the same-sex marriage debate, or just a disagreement you’re having with a friend. Write a post defending the opposite position, and then reflect on what it was like to do that.

The post above reads to me like the ramblings of an imbecile. The debate about censorship of nudity and sex, vis-a-vis the non-censorship of all kinds of violence, is one of the most idiotic things ever. I’ll never understand how seeing a penis or vagina is considered far worse than seeing a human being eviscerate another human being with a chainsaw.

Bloody karate style fight? Ok! Sweaty doggy style sex? Not Ok!

Gorefests? Sure! Sausagefests? Banhammer!

Protagonist leaves a trail of dismembered bodies? Rated R! Protagonist has sex with a trail of naked people? Rated X!

Stupidest. Thing. Ever.


9 thoughts on “Devil’s Advocate: You May Not Get Naked

  1. I agree with you! People are okay with anything as long as it’s not sex. The worst part is, they can come up with any and all silly arguments to try to ‘prove’ their point to you.

    1. This is true until violence boils over. Then it’s overreaction theatre. Hello, we let kids play violent videogames and then are shocked when they obtain a firearm (not that hard in many parts of the world) and start shooting people. We prohibit teens from seeing boobs and dicks, but when we find out they had sex, we’re all ‘ah kids will be kids’. Even when STD or pregnancy occurs, we don’t call in the National Guard. It really makes no sense.

  2. Well damn violence is something we encounter even at the most basic level, sex is a complicated thing for a young mind. I would like to think there is a reason to this day we still don’t find a common basis answer for sexual things as adults but violence seems more clear cut most of the time.

    1. Sex is just as base an emotion as violence (fight or flight), society has just somehow decided that sex is far less acceptable than violence. It’s partly geographic (the US seems to be more anti-sex than Europe) and religious (draconian laws in Islamic states).

      Think about it – do you believe that more people have had sex, or more people have killed another human being? What damages society more, people having sex, or people killing each other?

      I don’t see what’s complicated about sex for a young mind. Kids are having sex anyway, whether or not the adults are talking about it. Teach them about sex from an early age, prevent teen pregnancies and STDs. The only reason this isn’t happening is that some elements of society have decided that it’s not “moral” to talk to teens about sex because it supposedly would encourage them to have sex. Newsflash – they’re going to do it anyway, whether or not they’re educated about using a condom or the pill.

      On the other front, the Grand Theft Auto videogame series has sold 185 million units. ( Call of Duty is right behind it with 140 million. ( They don’t even make games explicitly about sex because stores wouldn’t carry them.

      1. Both violence and sexual experiences at a young underdeveloped age can be damaging to the psyche. Teenagers with their hormonal throws are much easier than any demographic to persuade. I have stepped on bugs, I have swatted flies, I got angry at someone in a playground fight and pushed them off the slide.

        Violence is a hell of a lot more based into our nature, yet we have to teach people about sex because they don’t know about it. No kid ever asked why people hit each other, they DO ask why mommy and daddy kiss and what those two people are doing under the covers on the TV.

          1. To human development yes, the very manner of the act is a very large toll on the body and the mind, the notions we put upon it afterwards like love, connection and such.

            Violence does damage society on the large and large part of removing people, however in terms of people it is something we are accustomed to at a young age, look at cartoonish violence and slapstick violence. Babies laugh when people fall over, they don’t give the smallest fuck in the world.

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