30 Songs – Dance

Sugar asked me to participate in a Thirty-day Song Challenge. Happy to join in with her and post more music. I’m going to alter my participation parameters a bit and only post after Sugar posts hers.

A song to dance to!

Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch – Good Vibrations

I couldn’t resist, having just watched The Gambler. Before he became a Hollywood A-List actor, Marky Mark Wahlberg was the leader of the Funky Bunch. This was their only hit, as far as I can tell. Probably a good thing, as he went on to better things, starring in The Basketball Diaries in ’95 and finally breaking out as Dirk Diggler in Paul Thomas Anderson’s classic Boogie Nights in ’97.


4 thoughts on “30 Songs – Dance

  1. I haven’t forgotten the shower theme. This week was crazy at work (first weeks…) and all the posts I’ve had on my blog were scheduled last week, so I wasn’t really here that much! I’m going through it this weekend, sorry!

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