A Tale of Derring-do

PS: TDP, it’s “derring-do” and not “daring do“.

On with the story.

Tonight, I had the best night of my life.

Rachel was everything that I thought she would be. Intelligent. Funny. Attentive. Attractive. Great in bed.

I’m a lucky guy to have her. She’s a lucky girl to have me. After all, I saved her life.

It was just over a week ago that I pulled her out of the wreckage of the car she had crashed. The police had deduced that her brakes had failed, and she drove off the road and smashed into a tree. Her airbag and seat belt had saved her from serious injury. She had escaped with bruises and a mild concussion. What would have killed her was the fire. Her car’s gas tank exploded seconds after I pulled her out of the burning wreckage.

Fortunately I had been driving down the same road and came upon the scene under a minute after it happened. It was also a lucky thing that I had a hydraulic power tool in the back of the borrowed pickup I was driving. The tool ripped through the twisted metal that trapped Rachel’s leg, and cut through the mangled car door like a can opener. I’d barely gotten her unconscious body to my truck when the car exploded. I still have burns on my arms and back from the molten shrapnel. I’d thrown myself over Rachel so she wouldn’t get hit.

I followed the ambulance to the hospital and stayed until her parents arrived. They were grateful that I’d saved their baby girl. Rachel recognized me when she saw me, though she didn’t remember my name from the couple of times that we’d sort-of-chatted. Officer Conley told her what happened. I got a hug from her mom and dad, then from her.

A few days later, Rachel was discharged from the hospital. Her folks had me over for dinner. They gifted me an expensive new leather jacket to replace the one that was riddled with burns when I rescued their daughter. When it was time to leave, she kissed me goodnight on her porch. She became my girlfriend the day after. I get angry when I think about her ex-boyfriend the quarterback. He didn’t deserve her. I knew that when she caught him fucking three cheerleaders at the same time, God was giving me a sign. She would be mine.

Tonight was the best night. After dinner out, she came back with me to my place. I’d fantasized for months about what Rachel would look like naked. I finally got to see the real thing. Then I got to have the real thing. She did everything I asked. I think she felt guilty when she saw the healing burns from the car shrapnel. Having all those ugly burns was worth it. She was very good with her mouth. She let me fuck her in any position I wanted. She even let me enter her anally, which was her first time. At least I got that virginity. Tomorrow night can’t come fast enough so I can have her again.

Time to go back out. Stan’s waiting for me at the pub. I’ll buy him as much beer as he can drink. After all, I didn’t know how to find a car’s brake line until he taught me.

 PPS: One man’s derring-do is another man’s crime.


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