The Memory of Closed Doors

“In today’s challenge, show us what ‘gone, but not forgotten’ means to you.”

There’s this whole thing about how in life you get a a particular open door once, and once only. You either you walk through, or you pass it up and don’t. For every major decision that you make, the “what if” of what life may have been had you taken the other path stays with you. The opportunity is long gone, but the feeling that you had at that place, at that time, is never forgotten.

The question is, how much do you regret the decision?


17 thoughts on “The Memory of Closed Doors

    1. Thank you for the comment! I’d tend to disagree with your first statement. Thinking back to past experiences is a human thing, I think. If we never reflected on past decisions, then we would never improve. Regret is a powerful emotion. It can drive people to make smarter decisions and hopefully be better in the future. I don’t dispute your second statement though. Reflection on the past has its purposes, but we always move forward in life.

  1. When I was younger, I obsessed over “what if I had done…”. But now that I’m older (but always young!) I see the choice not taken as a dead end. That path doesn’t exist anymore.

    It’s easier for me to see life that way rather than a ‘choose your own adventure’ deal. Because with those books, I could take a peak at the path I didn’t choose and even take the better option which was kind of cheating. But you can do that with life.

    But wouldn’t it be cool if you could?

  2. It would absolutely be cool if you could! That’s one of the things that fuels my writing. It’s a sometime excuse to speculate on how events would have unfolded if the path not taken was taken.

    “A dead end” is an interesting way to view the doors you’ve seen in your life but never opened.

    I loved the CYOA books when I was a kid. Video games are the same way. You can save the game, and load the save when thing don’t turn out the way you expected. There are no do-overs in life, of course.

    Thank you for reading the post and for your comment. It’s a pleasure to “meet” you Renae. 🙂

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