Tomorrow is Never Promised

One more day.

“What’s your treasure? Perhaps you found a coat at the thrift store like the one your grandfather wore, or took a once-in-a-lifetime trip through the Himalaya. Maybe you treasure your children, or your cat, or a quiet space in the woods. Show us an image that represents a treasure to you.”

Sorry TDP, I can’t get up close to this treasure. I could take a picture from the window of a plane, but I’m not on a plane right now and I never take the window seat anyway. (Besides, I’ve posted a lot of close-in shots already during Photo101.)

Every day we get is a treasure. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. My treasure is waking up in the morning and getting another day to experience life and all that it has to offer. I don’t always do the most that I can with my prize of one day more, but I’d like to believe that on most days, I try.

I visited one of my best friends in the hospital today. He’s having triple heart bypass surgery tomorrow at seven in the morning. He’s 48 years old. I think I’ve spent maybe a hundred days of my life in his company (I’m sure I’m guessing high), and almost none since eight years ago. I’ve been alive for 15,766 days. That’s 0.634% of my time on Earth. That’s equal parts depressing, ridiculous and chastening.

The doctors said that the odds of surviving open-heart surgery with today’s technology is around 97%. I have a 3% chance of losing one of my best friends tomorrow, for good. I hate those odds. I wish I had made it more of a priority to spend more than 0.634% of my time with him, doing stuff that friends do (for us that would be coffee and cake and storytelling and dwelling on the mysteries of the universe, with maybe a game of cards or boards or riddles on the side).

Tomorrow is never promised. Do what matters to you today.

I know that the picture has power lines in the way. I was thinking of Photoshopping them out, but let them be. No day is perfect, whether it be due to rain, bad sushi or power lines in your picture of the morning sky. I choose to focus on the wild blue yonder with the sun shining through the clouds, and ignore the power lines.


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