Two Girls



Two bar girls walk a short distance away from the front of a karaoke dive, across the street from the observer. They are dressed in skimpy come-hither attire. RED wears a tight red cutoff blouse, white hot pants and demi boots. WHITE is in a tight white tank top, sheer black leggings under faux leather short shorts, and stilettos. They sit at a curbside, smoking. Occasionally, a vehicle drives past. They are speaking in normal tones, not whispering.

Red has her head down. She doesn’t look at White. White puffs smoke into the air, away from Red, then looks back at her.


I sent money home yesterday. Mom just texted me. She needs more.

White puffs on her cigarette. She’s looking at Red, listening.


Maybe I should go home?


You’re crazy. Go home and spend even more money? When you get there, all you’ll do is pay for stuff. What happens when you run out of cash? What’re you gonna do?

(Silence.) The girls continue to smoke for a few beats.

Red starts to sob. She’s trying to hold the tears back. She fails.


Don’t cry. We’re closing up tonight.

White puts her hand on Red’s shoulder. The cigarette in her other hand continues to burn down. Red looks at White.


How much do I still owe you?



Red looks down, the cigarette in her hand forgotten.


Thank you.

White reaches into the back pocket of her shorts and pulls out a battered envelope. She hands it to Red. Red takes it with her free hand and realizes what’s inside.




Take it. If I get knocked up, you’re the godmother.

Red looks at White, pauses, then nods gratefully. She shoves the envelope into the front pocket of her shorts.

Red looks back down, remembers the cigarette and resumes puffing. White looks out across the street, continuing to smoke in silence. When their cigarettes burn out, they stub the butts out on the pavement, get up and walk back to the karaoke bar.


 “Listen in on a conversation, and get blogging.

The tab formatting is off, because my WP-fu isn’t strong enough to figure out how to transfer formatting from Final Draft. Sorry about that.

Thanks to Alexandrea.

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