Synthetic Monoliths

Synthetic Monoliths
Synthetic Monoliths

“We often use locations to orient us, to identify where we are — from statues to town squares to corner shops. These landmarks on a map can be famous and instantly recognizable, or sometimes they’re simple markers to help us navigate.

Today, head outside and photograph a landmark. You can capture all or part of it; place it in the foreground and make it your focal point; or include it in the background…”

That’s the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore in the background, shot through the “branches” of one of the Garden by the Bay’s Supertrees on the OCBC Skyway, 22 metres above ground.

I need to go back, because the light and sound show in the Supertree Forest at night looks spectacular in pictures. I also haven’t had the time to get into either of the cooled conservatories.

For a change in perspective, here’s the facade of the MBS shot from ground level. Part of my next trip down there needs to include a shot from the Infinity Pool, whose edge is right at those trees on the roof of the hotel, providing a view of the area around and the streets below.

Marina Bay Sands

2 thoughts on “Synthetic Monoliths

  1. You’re very well travelled, eh? I just searched the Marina Bay Sands hotel on the web to get a bit more info about it. It’s a very strange building. Interesting architecture.

  2. I like to travel to new places. I haven’t travelled for pleasure and explorations as much as I want to, sadly. The MBS is gaudy, both inside and out. It’s strange to think of a hotel, especially a new one, as art but this one is pretty different.

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