Sugar Rush

Simple pleasures.

Bliss: complete happiness, great joy, paradise, or heaven.

Today, publish an image that represents bliss.”


I’m easy.



8 thoughts on “Sugar Rush

  1. Sounds like a caching issue. I misattached another picture with this one and then deleted it before publishing. It’s a photo of what I actually ordered – a scoop of chocolate fudge in a waffle cup. 🙂 No idea why your mobile can “see” it when I never published it…

    1. You never published it?? That’s very very strange! Sounds like a bigger issue than cache. I utterly dislike the WP android app, I often see posts that have been deleted too. Chocolate fudge in a waffle cup, now that sounds delicious!

      1. It took me ten minutes to decide what to have! I love vanilla, but thought that having something different would be fun. It was quite good.

        Nope, I never published the picture. I went and looked at the text code for the post and there’s nothing in there relating to that photo. I’ll chalk it up to bad app programming, but this is why people need to keep their naked photos away from anything connected to the internet…

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