Street Anachronism

“Today, let’s focus on a street. It can be a quiet road in a small town, an alley near your apartment, or a busy street where pedestrians weave between cars and motorbikes…”

One of the things that makes Hong Kong so fascinating is the feeling that time’s gone screwy. Glittering steel and glass skyscrapers rise up in between streets of run-down three-story buildings that look like they were built in the prior century. The smells of ancient herbal remedies permeate the air as you walk past sprawling Dior stores and giant Chanel LED video billboards.

I found this old lady sitting on a sidewalk in Causeway Bay, with a sign inviting people to a hole-in-the-wall refreshment shoppe down the road. She sits right across from the massive three-story Apple Superstore at Hysan Place on busy Hennessy Street, perpetually packed with pedestrians. Along the street, peddlers hawk who-knows-if-they’re-genuine iPhone 6s from cardboard cartons, right under the nose of the Cupertino giant.


3 thoughts on “Street Anachronism

    1. This, really. It’s a weird fusion of the old world and the new. There aren’t all that many things to do in Hong Kong if you’re not working, though if you’re out here all the way from Europe you might as well plan to visit Macau and the mainland.

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