Self-Declared Holidays

I’ve lost touch with the content of The Daily Prompt, so I’ll take a month off and switch to BlogHer’s “National Blog Posting Month” prompts to see if that helps. I’m skipping NaNoWriMo again this year – I don’t feel ready to take that on yet.

Tuesday, November 4

What is your favorite holiday memory? (And yes, you can pick any holiday, including your birthday.)


I’m to pick self-declared holidays then, since I’m really not a huge fan of hivemind Hallmark holidays.

I’ll occasionally declare a week off for myself, for me time. Since I’m the only one on “holiday” there isn’t any pressure to see relatives, or get away with a bunch of other people. I can do things that help recharge my own batteries, because the usual “holiday activities” drain me just as much as work does.

The best holidays are those where I finish something, usually reading books, playing videogames, watching movies or a season of TV shows, or completing a personal project. I’ve taken a holiday to tear through Jared Diamond’s books Guns, Germs and Steel and Collapse. I finished leveling a character to maximum in World of Warcraft during a self-declared holiday. I organized and cataloged the old DVD collection (back when DVDs were still a thing) over three days that I designated as “the DVD database days” so I could sort them by director and go on a Ridley Scott marathon any old time I wanted to. I tore through three seasons of The West Wing over a me-week.

These kinds of holidays are essential to my existence. That reminds me, I need to declare one of my holidays soon…


3 thoughts on “Self-Declared Holidays

  1. So your favourite holiday memory is directly related to when you get away from the outside world by engaging with your own. That’s quite impressive, not a lot of people are able to do it and those who can, struggle to appreciate it or call their favourite holiday.

    It’s been a while since I have gone on a Ridley Scott marathon. Mine always starts with Gladiator.

    1. I think my next Ridley Scott marathon will begin with Kingdom of Heaven, which I’ve only seen once so far. My personal favorites are Black Hawk Down and Blade Runner.

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