The Magic Kingdom of Dreams

“This week, we’d like to see an image that looks dreamy to you. A photo of a place you often visit in dreams. A snapshot of your dreamy boy- or girlfriend. A scene that looks a bit out-of-this world. Take us on a flight of fancy!”

I’ve found that one effect that travel has on me is that when I return to home base, the elements of the trip just completed start to fade. After a couple of days back to the daily grind, what you have left are dissolving memories and pictures. Our pictures used to be celluloid and photo paper. Now pictures are just pixels stored on a cloud in some unknown place. Memories and pixels. Sometime you wonder if you were really somewhere else, or if it was all a dream. Are dreams nothing but trips we took, either while asleep or in a previous life? Are the details of the things we consider indelible memories just as fleeting as a misremembered glance at a kingdom built on pixie dust and dreams?

I took this picture years ago, on a trip that now lives on the margins of my memory. I certainly wouldn’t remember this scene if I didn’t have this bunch of pixels, now residing on a cloud somewhere out there.


4 thoughts on “The Magic Kingdom of Dreams

  1. Yes, those were the days we made a photo album at the end of one’s trip and then spent countless evenings turning the pages, sharing with friends, family & neighbours, reliving the experience which kept it in our memory.

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