Zombies Redux: Joshua Returns to DC

In my last post, I referenced the 2007 social experiment of the Washington Post called Pearls Before Breakfast and their eminent guinea pig, violinist Joshua Bell.

A comment was left by Emjay (who I think lives in the District) that Bell returned recently for an encore. Thanks Emjay! In a reflection of the evolution of technology over the last seven years, there’s a complete video of the event on YouTube in full 1080p, a massive improvement over the video from 2007 which was in glorious 240p. Bell and his orchestra, members of the National YoungArts Foundation, played all three parts of Bach’s Violin Concerto No.1 in A Minor. The video, posted on October 1st, sadly has just 3,808 views and 52 likes as of this writing.

The video also highlighted another pet peeve Zombie practice. When watching a performance, do people really have to hold up their phones and record? Especially when you know that there’s going to be a professionally-shot and produced video anyway? I get it, it’s the “pics or it didn’t happen” generation, and you need content for your Facebook and Instagram pages. Here’s a thought: you’re missing out on the performance that you’re there to see in the first place. It’s never going to be as good on your camphone video, and you’re not taking in the experience because you’re busy holding your phone steady and fretting over shake and blur. Take a selfie if you must, if your friends demand evidence. Then put the phone on silent and stash it. Respect the artist, and enjoy the experience that you made time to attend.

Here’s the Spotify link to Bell’s Bach album. The first three tracks are what they played at Union Station.


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