Open Door


“That’s it then? Twenty years, just ‘goodbye’?”

“If I tried to kiss you you’d kick me in the nuts. Or slip a knife between my ribs.”

“I could have done that last night if I wanted to.”

“Do you?”

“Right now, no. I’ve thought about it though.”

“So, yeah, goodbye.”

“You’re not going to apologize?”

“I’ve already said I’m sorry. Several times. This is my fault.”

“That’s not the apology I want.”

“I don’t know what you want. I don’t understand. That’s why I’m standing at this door right now.”

“Oh really? And you understand what she wants?”

“Our relationship isn’t like that.”

“You don’t seriously think I’m going to believe you’re not fucking the slut.”

“I’m not. You don’t know her. We just… talk. We listen to each other. I was lonely for so very long. She listens and doesn’t judge me.”

“I don’t judge you.”

“You do. We’ve had this discussion before.”

“I don’t judge you!”

“See, you’re not listening. Only I know if someone’s judging me, and you’re judging me. That’s how it feels.”

“Stop being so condescending!”

“I’m not, I’m just saying that we haven’t had sex. I haven’t cheated on you. Ever.”

“You don’t call that cheating on me? You spend time with this woman. You tell her things you don’t tell me!”

“We both have secrets.”

“That’s not a secret, it’s another woman!”

“She’s a friend.”

“Yeah right.”

“She is.”

“Tell me with a straight face that you’re not going to sleep with her, you’re not going to move in with her, you’re not going to marry her.”

“I don’t know what the future holds.”

“Answered like a cornered animal.”

“You can think what you want. It doesn’t matter anymore. That’s why I’m standing at the door right now.”

“It’s so easy for you to walk away. You have the career, the money, the connections. What do I have?”

“That isn’t my fault.”

“As if you were going to stay home to take care of the kids, cook meals, clean the house, do the laundry.”

“We could have gotten a housekeeper if you wanted to work. We went over this a hundred times.”

“I’m not going to have a nanny raise my children.”

“Newsflash. A nanny did raise your children while you went shopping, partied and wasted your time.”

“Who’s judging who now?”

“Of all those things, which would you consider productive?”

“Maintaining our family’s social standing is just as important as your job.”

“I don’t want to fight anymore. That’s why I’m standing at the door.”

“Walk out that door and it’s over. There’s no turning back.”

“It was over years ago. We were just too stubborn to admit it.”

“We? You gave up. Marriage is a process. Anything can be worked through. Except you decided to cheat on me.”

“Look, I’m not going to fight anymore.”

“Who’s fighting? I’m just stating facts.”

“Those aren’t facts.”

“Yes they are.”

He looked at her for seconds that to him seemed years. The last twenty years flashed through his mind. “Thank you.”

She looked at him. So much of her was wrapped up in him. How did it come to this? She had no answer.

The door closed behind him.

“I love you.”


5 thoughts on “Open Door

  1. Interesting. I liked your dialogue, it left me hungry for more. I am curious to know what happens next. Will you ever consider continuing it?

    1. Thanks visiting and for the feedback, it’s always valuable to hear how things I write come across to readers. There is more to this, scenes before and after are sitting in various stages of completion in my Scrivener. You may see a couple more during the course of Writing 101.

      1. I always keep an eye on your blog, I like your writing style. I’m also doing the Writing 101 but not really following when they post it. I am currently approaching Day 10 I believe. I have to point out another thing, I just clicked on your name above and it took me to a private blog rather than this one, that may be driving your traffic away (took me to ).

        I’ve never used Scrivener, how is it?

        1. Thank you for the kind words. I’ve read your blog on and off as well, though I’ve refrained from commenting much because I don’t think I have enough of a familiarity yet. I’ll make it a point to comment more in the future. Good catch, I’ve been meaning to change primary blog but it keeps slipping my mind. Switched over now.

          Scrivener is great as an organization and project management tool. It keeps the bits and pieces until I’m ready to put it all together. I consider it my creativity tool. I still do heavy writing and editing in Word though. There’s a free 30-day trial for Scriv if you’re interested in trying it out.

          1. My pleasure. Yes now it’s working properly. As for commenting, feel free to comment whenever you like. Any feedback, criticism and so on is always appreciated.

            Thanks. I started the trial when you first mentioned it, but there is so much going on there, I’m just familiarising myself with the software at the moment. It looks very good. Word is nice but it is quite limited which is a bit frustrating. But I suppose I do not write half as much as you do.

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