Morpheus Reads. No, Not That Morpheus.

I usually have little patience for audiobooks. I like to read at my own pace, so having someone read at a pace too fast or slow (and the speed I prefer can change depending on what part of the book I’m reading) can quickly become frustrating.

That said, I’ve actually listened to a couple of audiobooks as read by the author. Coincidentally, that author is one of my favorites. I was gifted a copy of his audio anthology Warning: Contains Language which I found fascinating. Since then, I’ve listened to Neverwhere and Stardust in audiobook form. He is quite amazing. I would be fortunate to ever have Neil Gaiman read anything I ever produce.

This is one of my favorite recordings. I kickstarted it back when it was posted. I’m quite happy to see it on Spotify, so that anyone can listen. This is “An Evening with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer”. (Neil and Amanda are possibly the coolest spouses ever.)

My favourite piece is track 7, “The View from the Cheap Seats” which is about Neil’s trip to the Academy Awards. It’s preposterous to think that Neil Gaiman could be invisible, but under the Hollywood lights, glitter and glamour that’s exactly what he was. His delivery is so much fun.


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