He Shot First

Greetings, stranger.

Human. Unkempt. Cocky. Pungent smell.

“I greet you, human.”

The human ran his hand through his greasy hair. He clearly had not bathed in many days. “What’s your name?”

Rude as well, this human. Stupid as well. He means to shoot me. He cannot, he is too slow.

“I am called Gree…”

The human pulled his blaster. The gunfire tore through me. I should have expected that dishonorable would be an easy extrapolation of the human’s traits. In a fair duel, as is the custom, my speed at drawing a blaster was second only to that of Fett. The human would have been dead.

Years later, my descendants would howl in rage as history is retconned. Let the record show that despite what is seen on the new videos chronicling the events of that day, the human called Solo shot first.


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