Today’s Daily Prompt is a variation on the good ol’ “genie gives you three wishes” prompt. It sticks in a limitation (it’s a robot) but leaves the limitation subject to interpretation (it can be as simple a s a Roomba, or maybe it’s a T-1000). In any case I have a robot, and it can do “one chore, job or responsibility” for me.

Here we go again with interpretation. Chores are pretty specific, normally repetitive household tasks that are, well, chores to accomplish. The aforementioned Roomba fits the bill. These bots can do dishes, deal with the trash, make the bed or cook like Wolfgang Puck.

Jobs are more generic. These are things that need to be done, but you usually get paid to do a job. Responsibilities are even more wide-ranging. These are things that you have to do, but can take all kinds of shapes and forms. You can be responsible for the safety of a home, or for raising children, or for caring for elderly relatives. Chores and jobs can be subsumed under responsibilities, since once you take a job you become responsible for all kinds of things that people pay you to worry about.

So. What ONE responsibility, which I must particularly hate, will my new robot do for me?

I’m going to assume my robot is unique – no one else has one like it, and no one else can make a copy.

My robot does taxes. It does them for me, and for anyone else in the world. It’s conversant with the tax laws of all countries and sub-locations in each country. It is able to file every single detail of paperwork necessary for every situation. It does all of this quickly and without error. It is certified by all tax authorities in the world, and it communicates with all of them via satellite and the tubes of the interweb.

Of course, I can charge people for the tax work it does. So that takes care of my income, forever.

Yes, the robot will either get stolen or be destroyed by people who don’t like the idea of error-free tax filing. That’s a whole other discussion.


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