I Can’t Be My Own Editor

It’s not necessarily a “second opinion” but I know I need someone to review anything I write that’s going to be read by paying clients. Call that person a proofreader or an editor, it doesn’t matter. Microsoft Word’s spelling and grammar checks go only so far, and it’s always likely that there’s an incorrectly spelled word (that’s usually still a legit word) somewhere in the document. There are sentences that begin with “but” or “so” or “therefore” (shudder). I like to think that I write fairly close to how I speak, so when I review my own text it’s like my own voice reading (sometimes with an imaginary powerpoint presentation running in my head). Somehow I still end up with dangling participles or part perfect tense usage that I would never use in regular conversations, that are thankfully is usually spotted by the proofreader. I also end up with a lot of run-on sentences, which I dutifully slice up into two or even three separate sentences on review. I find this a very strange phenomenon.

(I just reviewed the preceding paragraph and corrected three words. Sigh. I’ll stop here. Back to writing for pay.)


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