Thank You Steven Soderbergh

The article I was reading immediately before checking for The Daily Prompt was this Grantland article on the career of director Steven Soderbergh by Sean Fennessey and Chris Ryan. In their final paragraph, they say (emphasis mine):

When life hands Steven Soderbergh lemons, he has an iced tea and says, “Lemons are still interesting!” … You start to see his failures as the experiments they are, or you appreciate his blockbusters as the “the final assault on heterosexuality in movies” that they are meant to be. Everything that surrounds a movie, all the circumstances, all the movies that came before it, is what makes that movie.”

Coincidence aside, I’ll do a recursive self-reference on The Daily Prompt today that in my own mind could be borderline Soderberghian. (And I emphasize the “in my own mind” sentiment!)

In the short time that I’ve been taking cues from The Daily Post site for writing motivation, so far I’ve been enjoying the Writing Challenges the most. Given a week to work out how to attack the problem allows the writing to percolate and coalesce. It gives me time to leave the piece and return to it in a day or two, hopefully with new eyes and a fresh perspective.

One of the recent challenges was the Ray Bradbury Noun List Twist. Given the options, I settled on using the list of TDP, since it interested me to be able to see how other writers approached using the same list of story elements. I also made a second decision. I would use ALL of the nouns. After considering and discarding some ideas, I left the list and returned to it midweek. One element stuck with me – the camper van.

The most iconic "camper van" I know.
The most iconic “camper van” I know.

Maybe not exactly a “camper van” but close enough. This is likely unorthodox only to me, but based on the image I decided that I’d fulfill the Writing Challenge with a letter, from an iconic character to his wife. I don’t know that I’ve ever enjoyed writing anything as macabre as this before, but I was grinning a lot as I wrote. I edited and reconstructed parts of the piece over the final few days of the challenge week for coherence and logic. This was definitely the most fun I’ve had so far on any of the challenges or prompts. This is “Love Conquers All”.


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