All Work and No Play Starve Your Artist

This is all very recent for me. I’ve been blocked for many, many years. All of it is of my own doing. I wrote a lot when I was a teenager. I wasn’t very good, but I wrote regularly. I remember that it came easily, driven by reading and an overactive imagination. I hand-wrote letters and cards. I even had one of those old-fashioned pen pals, found through an international pen-pal service.

It all went away when I got my first job after university. I’ve been working ever since, with very few days off and many, many hours every day. Between work and having a terrible commute, the excuse was always being too tired to write.

This year, a change in jobs created some flexibility (very little change in hours, still a lot) that made it easier to allow myself to write. The motivation was that I spent what little leisure time I had reading, watching movies and television, surfing the web and playing video games. After all this time, it’s embarrassing that I’ve consumed so much media, and have created none. I wrote more in six years as a teen, than in thirty years as an adult.

I’ve tried to break out of the rut many times over the years. Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way provided some tools that were effective in short spurts. Making it all stick has always been the issue.

So I stopped making excuses and forced myself back into a writing habit. Finding TDP helped by creating prompts to answer (I love keeping score) and having a community of people that find time to write. So here we are.

Party time.


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