Unorthodox Gastronomy

The most important question on the subject is clearly what exactly is orthodox or not when it comes to food? If you hold the view that insects are strange fare, then locusts dipped in soy sauce would qualify as out of this world. I would then assume that salt on mature duck egg (complete with crunchy beak) would fit the bill, as would piping hot black coffee poured over steamed white rice. How about pig offal dunked in vinegar? I’m sure that most Asians will have encountered steamed chicken feet at some point. Those are great with chili paste. (Okay, that’s being adventurous.)

If I pull back to “normal unorthodox” from a Western standpoint, would semi-chunky peanut butter on a Cavendish banana be considered a crime? I can say that I enjoy that, but it’s pretty close to a common banana split with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup-flavored ice cream. I see more outlandish things than that on an episode of Iron Chef. Many of the things that go into the ice cream machine I find particularly weird. Arugula-flavored ice cream is right out.

In the end it’s the limits of everyday cuisine that will define an unusual pairing of foods and flavors for each person. I recall my French boss threatening to fire me on two occasions, once for cutting my spaghetti, and a second time for ordering pizza with pineapple (sacrilege, apparently). In return, I demanded an apology from one of my own staff for putting ketchup on a $15 steak.

I probably overthought this whole thing.


5 thoughts on “Unorthodox Gastronomy

  1. Ketchup on a $15 steak?? I would want an apology for that too. Either that person really likes ketchup or they don’t know how to appreciate a steak.

  2. It was actually my fault. The person in question was a 20-year old girl who’d never been in an upscale restaurant. I should have prepared my team better for that reward dinner. It all ended well though! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

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