Further Dreams of Electric Sheep

Blade_Runner_posterIt’s a science fiction cinema classic that sparked a debate, and that debate has raged for the over thirty years since the film’s release. There are at least five official versions of the film, including a Criterion Collection edition, a Director’s Cut and a “Final Cut”. The director, the writers and the actors have all variously agreed and disagreed over certain elements of the film – most famously, “is he or is he not”. The novel on which the film was based has had three sequels, but none have been turned into a movie. In addition, none of those novels were by the original author, Philip K. Dick. The film itself has been variously panned, raved about, considered a classic and derided as overrated.

It’s the absolute perfect movie for a sequel. In fact, a sequel has been planned for years. It is yet to get off the ground.

Despite all that I, for one, hope that a sequel is never made. I don’t really want to know if Deckard is or isn’t a replicant. The controversy that it generates by not having a sequel is far more entertaining than having all the loose ends tied up.

The movie is, of course, Ridley Scott’s 1982 cult classic Blade Runner.


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