Stainless Steel Chef

I’ve always loathed the TV Dinner.

If the frozen item from the grocery declares that it’s a complete meal, just pop it in the microwave and nuke it, it is lying. I’ve tried a few of these things. I’ve never eaten more than a bite or two. This was all before the original Iron Chef and the Food Network made food preparation ultra-accessible to everyone.

In a world where food gets faster and faster, there’s a serenity in preparing food from scratch. While I’m still dreaming of making my own pasta or pizza dough (I don’t have the right tools yet), it’s a happy thing to when I’m able to cook with fresh ingredients. As with many things, I wish that I had the time to practice and explore home culinary skills. One day I may get to build my own kitchen, and I’ll get to map it out the way that I think I’d enjoy if I was to spend a few hours a day creating in it.

We do have a new induction stove, and a bunch of new stainless steel vessels to use with it. (We’ve always had an aversion to having gas at home, so have had to make do with electric plates – not ideal.) This opens some possibilities, and there’s likely some handmade meals coming out of the kitchen here soon.


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