The Children

Warning: Potential spoilers for the 4th season of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

It was a brilliant ending to a brilliant season. HBO’s Game of Thrones is an ambitious project, attempting to distill the sprawling masterwork of George RR Martin into an average of ten hours of television per book. The source material is a meandering narrative of destruction, jumping to and from the points-of-view of multiple characters. In each published book to date, characters may or may not be present.

This post is not about the books of the television show, however. The final episode of the season featured a new arrangement of the show’s strident title music, melded with other themes from the show. It’s enjoyable that the theme of the character Jaqen H’ghar, “Valar Moghulis”, plays as young Arya Stark sails away from Westeros towards her destiny in the far off lands of Braavos.

The track, called “The Children“, has been the most-played track on my phone and computer over the past three months. The soaring score is breathtaking, and the use of a children’s chorale is inspired. Ramin Djawadi is the composer, and his work for this show has been one of the best things about it. It has been the soundtrack of a period of change in my life. One of those changes is my renewed effort to write. I am listening to “The Children” and the rest of the Game of Thrones Season Four soundtrack as I write this. It feels good. It feels right.


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