Behind the Scenes: Strangers on a Train

Before-Sunrise-006It’s been only four posts into my writing based on The Daily Prompt, but this one took a while. You know the feeling when it’s flowing and you’re just going and you don’t know if you’re going to stop and you don’t want it to end but you know you have to? So you try to find a place where it feels right to stop. It’s not the place where I expected to stop, but it felt right to leave the characters to their chat right there.

Before Sunrise (and subsequently the now-trilogy) was one of the things that made me certain that I wanted to write. There was no assurance that I’d be any good at it. It certainly would likely never bring in any money. But you knew inside that anything that could make you feel the full range of emotions as you were experiencing it had to be your muse taking a hammer to your soul and yelling at you that you found one of the things that would make you whole.

It felt good to write a short homage to the movie.


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